Text Messaging in Higher Education – Project 140

At the UK Centre for Bioscience Reps forum I presented a poster on our use of text messaging with first year students as a means of  in-class electronic voting, for student to student communication and for staff to student communication.  The same poster was also presented at the University of Ulster’s Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) inaugural “Festival of Innovative Practice” back in June.  A copy of the poster is provided below.


3 responses to “Text Messaging in Higher Education – Project 140

  1. I was disappointed that there wasn’t time to properly view posters at Reps10, so I missed your. While it’s good to see it here, Scribd recently started charging for downloads, so it’s fine for embeds, but if you want people to be able to download your work, Scribd is ripping you off. Better to use Google Docs in that case.

    • Thanks for the advice re: Scribd. I don’t use it very often and wasn’t aware they were charging. Thought the posters were a good addition to reps10 but also did not get the benefit of seeing all of them, and any I did it was just a quick scan over.

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