UK Centre for Bioscience Reps Forum 2010 (#reps10)

Today I am at the UK Centre for Bioscience Reps Forum in Cardiff.  The event offers the now customary eclectic mix of teaching ideas from practitioners in the field and this year a poster session has also been included to augment the long standing plenary, workshop and swapshop sessions of years gone by.

The hashtag for the event is #Reps10 and as a number of tweeters should be in attendance some Twitter traffic is inevitable!  Will post my own reflections later….

The programme for the two days is posted below.

Programme – Tuesday 14th September
11:15-11:45 General Registration
11.45 Welcome and introductions to the forum
David Adams, Director, UK Centre for Bioscience
12.00 Poster Rounds
Facilitated by Sheryl Meskin, UK Centre for Bioscience
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Small Group Activities
Introduced by Steve Maw, UK Centre for Bioscience
Facilitated by Julian Park, UK Centre for Bioscience
15.15 Refreshments
15.45 Showcase of teaching & learning: Centre’s 2010 Ed Wood Teaching AwardsJackie Wilson, Associate Director, UK Centre for Bioscience

  • Stephen McClean, University of Ulster, ‘Using Reflective Video Sharing in Year One Chemistry Laboratory Sessions’
  • Graham Scott, University of Hull, ‘Student Managed Learning: Whales, Dolphins, and Sharks’
  • Anne Margaret Tierney, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow, ‘Impact of Reflective Diaries on Wider Issues of Learning’

Followed by general discussion

Programme – Wednesday 15th September
09.15 Swapshop Session: informal presentations offered by Reps

  • Jon Scott, University of Leicester, ‘Home from Home: video diaries from the 2nd years’
  • Peter Klappa, University of Kent at Canterbury, ‘Teaching with Animations’
  • Nicholas Freestone, Kingston University, ‘Differentiated learning: the Kingston MPharm experience’
  • Ian Turner, University of Derby, ‘Lonely Hearts Columns – A Novel Way of Teaching Students Abstract Writing Skills’ as an INTERACTIVE SWAPSHOP
  • Dave Lewis, University of Leeds, ‘Using short video clips to promote the discussion of ethical issues in science’
  • Iain Coleman, University of Wolverhampton, ‘Does a spoonful of dictation sugar help the electronic marking medicine go down?’

Followed by general discussion

10.30 Refreshments
11.00 Ask the Centre!Chaired by Jon Scott

This session will allow Reps to ask questions of the panel (Centre staff, Reps involved with Centre).

Followed by general discussion

12.30 Reflections on the Forum

Donald Palmer, The Royal Veterinary College

Closing Remarks

David Adams, Director, UK Centre for Bioscience

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