Variety – Living Up to its Name!

Last week I attended the Variety in Chemistry Education conference in Loughborough.  As before this conference delivered a variety of topics on the subject of chemistry teaching and these ranged from problem based learning to diagnostic testing to developing an understanding of the misconceptions students have  about chemistry when they come to university.  Along the way there was a healthy slice of technology in the form of audio feedback and screencasting of lectures.

As is now my practice at conferences, I provided a number of tweets but found this to be a rather lonely experience in Loughborough compared to other national conferences I have attended (either remotely or in person).   Having said that the twitter stream for me is a great way to revisit the conference at a later date and so I have provided the tweets with the hashtag  #Variety10 below for ease of finding.

Would be grateful to hear from other physical scientists who tweet on a regular basis.   Come on, don’t be shy…… 🙂


  • Coming to the end of #Variety10. Thanks to everyone who took part for a great meeting.
    Fri Sep 03 13:31:12 +0000 2010
  • Last “byte” of #Variety10 on easing the school to university transition.
    Fri Sep 03 13:22:57 +0000 2010
  • Hearing about adaptive questions for e-assessment #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 13:06:14 +0000 2010
  • Hearing why students do not like organic chemistry. They like naming compounds but don’t like reaction mechanisms and synthesis #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 12:35:29 +0000 2010
  • Suggested that the mole could be described as a sub-terranean concept. Earthy chemistry humour at #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 12:32:31 +0000 2010
  • Only 44% of surveyed university chemistry students had first learned about the mole at GCSE level #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 12:25:08 +0000 2010
  • Next talk at #Variety10 is entitled “The Mole Misunderstood”
    Fri Sep 03 12:13:01 +0000 2010
  • We cannot allow students to lose the skill of drawing chemical structures #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 12:11:52 +0000 2010
  • Listening to a talk on a chemistry diagnostic test for assessing basic and complex chemistry knowledge #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 12:06:47 +0000 2010
  • @msars It was a great session. All of the presentations should be available at some point on the #Variety10 website
    Fri Sep 03 09:39:56 +0000 2010
  • Exploring crystal structures using during one of the workshop sessions at #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 09:29:32 +0000 2010
  • Phenomenography – the different approaches students take to problem solving: being described now at #Variety10
    Fri Sep 03 08:44:31 +0000 2010
  • Here is the programme for #Variety10 ( Will try to find some chemistry humour to tweet 🙂
    Fri Sep 03 08:17:03 +0000 2010
  • First session of the day at #variety10. “From parrots to professionals: more effective chemistry graduates”.
    Fri Sep 03 08:14:03 +0000 2010
  • New Post: In Pursuit of Meaningful Learning (#Variety10): The following quote from Michael (2001) was circulated a…
    Thu Sep 02 14:56:31 +0000 2010
  • Now in a session at #Variety10 focussing on labs and practical work.
    Thu Sep 02 14:30:27 +0000 2010
  • Lunch over, now being introduced to ChemTube3D at #variety10
    Thu Sep 02 12:50:09 +0000 2010
  • @traceymadden @michaelkls was right! RT @michaelkls: I’ll see you there! In my experience chemists don’t tweet 🙂 #variety10
    Thu Sep 02 12:06:30 +0000 2010
  • RT @traceymadden: RT @PhysSciCentre: Variety in Chemistry Education Conference 2010 – follow it (or contribute) using the tag #variety10
    Thu Sep 02 11:11:30 +0000 2010
  • Screencasting of lectures does not adversely affect attendance #Variety10
    Thu Sep 02 11:10:46 +0000 2010
  • Getting ready to talk about our reflective video project ( at #Variety10 (
    Thu Sep 02 11:10:03 +0000 2010
  • Two good talks on screencasting of lectures. To edit or not to edit? #Variety10
    Thu Sep 02 11:09:58 +0000 2010
  • Some students think audio feedback is TOO personal #Variety10
    Thu Sep 02 10:45:01 +0000 2010
  • Great talk on audio feedback using #Audacity at #Variety10
    Thu Sep 02 10:40:50 +0000 2010
  • “You may feel that this is a little unclear but in fact I am lecturing it extremely well” Gaither 2002 #Variety10
    Thu Sep 02 09:49:53 +0000 2010
  • @michaelkls Maybe we can swing the trend.. there should be a few tweeters in attendance… #variety10
    Wed Sep 01 11:09:00 +0000 2010
  • New Post: Variety in Chemistry Education 2010: Today I am off to the Variety in Chemistry Education 2010 Conferenc…
    Wed Sep 01 10:33:56 +0000 2010
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    4 responses to “Variety – Living Up to its Name!

    1. Thanks for aggregating the tweets – they’re a useful summary and memory prompt. I’ve found at a few sci/ed conferences that twitter isn’t a medium used; compared to edtech conferences where you’d gave to avoid the wifi it’s so heavy with 140 character packages flying around. I think it’ll come in time though – you’re just ahead of the posse!
      Talk soon,
      @michaelkls 🙂

    2. I haven’t used it myself, but if you register a hashtag with twapperkeeper beforehand, this supposedly keeps all the tweets stored safely.

      Yes, a balance of tweets to record thoughts as you go along, but so many that you can’t follow the conference would be nice. We’re just the early adopters!!

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