10 Uses for an iPod Touch in Education – #2 Providing Audio Feedback

Audio Notes ImageThis post was mostly inspired by a tweet from Michael Seery where he descibed how a colleague used an iPhone to send audio feedback to students.

Having used audio feedback (mainly Audacity to create the MP3 and then send via email) for some time now I thought the iPod Touch would be worth investigating for the task.

Using the “Voice Memos” function feedback may be easily recorded and as the earphones supplied with the device have microphone capability you have all the equipment you need for the job.

Once feedback has been recorded the file is automatically saved and then can be shared by email. There is also the possibility of doing some light editing by “trimming” the file.

The output file is in the *.m4a format which can be opened in iTunes. It will not play in windows media player however (as far as I can tell) so please make sure that your students are aware of this. Something else to be aware of is that the Voice Memos app is not available on the first generation iPod touch.

I have done some audio recordings on the iPod Touch and the sound quality is excellent. Obviously this is the wrong time of year to be trying the technology with students but I do plan to give it a go in the next academic year. I would be glad to receive any advice from practitioners regularly using the iPod Touch / iPhone to record student feedback.

Lots more on audio feedback can be found on the A Word In Your Ear 2009 – Audio Feedback website and in the communication; Making Small Talk — Audio MP3 Files Made More Portable.


4 responses to “10 Uses for an iPod Touch in Education – #2 Providing Audio Feedback

  1. I am also discovering the applications of ipod tounch in education and this tool is one of my favourites!
    I teach middle years science and I am planning to use this tool with several students with very poor literacy skills. Instead of writing the traditional lab report, which they really struggle with, I am going to ask them to use the voice recorder to describe the experiment (materials and equipment, process, results, observations and conclusions). In the past I have just asked them questions and maybe put a mental tick against their learning outcomes, but now I will have some evidence of their learning come report time. Also thinking about recording podcasts for my VCE students to listen to on their long bus journeys to and from school. I wonder how that will go down?

  2. Thanks for the comment! I think that audio lab reports are a great idea. We have also been using reflective video in lab class where students make a brief video about their practical. This might also be on interest to you. http://bit.ly/cGbRjN

  3. Looking into some apps that will let you edit the audio memo as well. VC Audio Pro seems to be popular (4.99), but there are some free ones as well. I’ll report back!


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